Special exhibit

New special exhibit from November 2017 “Porcelain and Glas Nativity Scenes”

In November 2017 a remarkable exhibition, “Glas and Porcelain Nativity Scenes”, begins in the Nativity Scene Museum.

In the 10th exhibition of the collectors Sieglinde and Udo Hergesell from Bergisches Land rare and precious porcelain nativity scenes as well as Christmas scenes engraved in as well as made out of glas can be admired.

The most famous Geman porcelain manufacturers such as Meissen, Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, KPM (Königlich Preussische Manufaktur) are represented.Rare pieces from international manufacturers such as Heren (Hungary), Royal Dux Bohemia (Czech Republic) and Lladro (Spain) are included in the collection.

There is glass work from Italy, France, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. The German pieces come from the Bavarian Forest, Thuringia  and Franconia.

The special exhibition is on view from November 1, 2017 until September 30, 2018.

Finding nativity scenes: A few anecdotes

The Lladro nativity scene with the elegant kings

During a trip to Luxemburg in 1981 we discovered figurines from Spain that we had once seen in Munich in the 1970‘s and then, after having caught the collector‘s bug, we looked for them in the Cologne-Bonn area in the 1980/90‘s.

Supposedly Lladro had never produced nativity scenes. And now one was  right in front of us in a shop selling surplus items. In the middle of summer!

The Lladro nativity scene with the golden trim and brilliant white porcelain robes

It was in November during the Nativity Scene Convention 2012 in Innsbruck.

In the window of an elegant porcelain shop we saw some figurines of the Holy Family and an angel. Unfortunately these were the only ones.

Our search for Lladro figurines in the Cologne-Bonn area was unsuccessful, but the internet came to our rescue. There was a porcelain dealer who specialized in these Spanish beauties and we were able to augment this nativitiy scene.

Klepsch nativity scene in a glass block

We were on a short holiday in the Bavarian Forest with its wonderful glass work creations. In Bodenmais we were fascinated by a very impressive block of glass in and on which many glass finishing techniques had been applied. The glass work artist was Christian Klepsch whose works can also be admired in the museums of the surrounding area.

But the price! However, after a sleepless night we decided nevertheless to buy this beautiful piece.

The Czech moulded glass nativity scene

While visiting a fellow nativity scene friend in Berlin we admired her colourful figurines of a Czech moulded glass nativity scene. These were said to have been manufactured until 1958. They were beautiful but unattainable.

A few years later we visited a crystal manufacturer. Who knows what we would find there? Although it wasn’t the Christmas season we inquired about Christmas items. “Yes, back there is something colourful.” We couldn’t believe our eyes – we had really found some figurines for this particular nativity scene! The year after we were in a Czech glass shop in Oberstdorf and saw a few more matching figurines. And the year after that two more figurines from a flea market joined the ensemble.

But since then we have not found any more figurines for this nativity scene  in spite of asking for the ox and donkey many times.