Permanent exhibition

Here we show you a small selection of the many exhibits.

The Last Supper

Nativity scene by Alfred Müller from Kaufering. The scene of the Last Supper was created especially for the Nativity Scene Museum in Oberstadion. The construction of this nativity scene is unique in Europe and has never been shown in this form before.

Background:  Peter Feller, Austria
Figures:  Angela Tripi, Italy

Maria meets Elizabeth

This scene is taken from the joyful mysteries of the rosary. A theological path leads the way through the Nativity Scene Museum Oberstadion. 19 scenes from the life of Christ are depicted in the joyful mysteries of the rosary and the annual nativity scene located on the top floor of the museum.

Szenario: Reinhard Aust und Werner Kramer, Deutschland
Figuren: Angela Tripi, Italien

Scene:  Reinhard Aust and Werner Kramer, Germany
Figures:  Angela Tripi, Italy

A unique annual nativity scene

The annual nativity scene, created by Tobias and Herbert Haseidl from Oberammergau, is unique in the world. The two brothers are considered by art connoisseurs to be the most important wood carvers in Germany.

Historical nativity scene, around 1850

Historical nativity scene from Aachen, about 1850. The figures are 1m tall.

Background by Alfred Fleckenstein
The painting is 14m long and 4m tall
and weighs approx. 2.5 tonnes.

Several nativity scenes

Scenes:  Birth of Christ, Joseph‘s dream, registration in Bethlehem as well as other scenes

Scenery: Erwin Auer, Austria
Figures: Wolfgang Falkner, Austria


First steps in Nazareth

Young Jesus, first steps in Nazareth

Scenery: Antonio Pigozzi, Italy
Figures: Francesco Narracci, Italy