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guided tours / admission free

Adults 5,00 €
Pensioners/disabled persons4,50 €
Children up to 6 yearsfree entrance
Children over 7, teenagers up to 18 and students2,50 €
Group of children, teenagers and students (over 10 persons) per person 2,00 €
Group of adults (over 10 persons) per personn4,50 €
Family ticket.12,00 €
Annual ticket valid for one year from date of purchase13,00 €
Guided tour for 10-20 persons40,00 €
Guides tour for more than 20 persons50,00 €
Guides tour for more than 50 persons70,00 €
Guided tours for groups of 10 persons and more are also possible outside of regular opening hours
Guided tours can be arranged at the Rathaus (town hall).

Rathaus Oberstadion
Tel.: 0049 7357/9214-0
Fax: 0049 7357/9214-19